The Ceramic Tile Warehouse was founded by Jim Miller, who has lived and worked in kirkcaldy all his life.

Jim worked as a self employed tiler, opening his first tile showroom in Kirkcaldy in June 1986.

Initially business was driven by the fixing side, soon Jim and his team were tackling shopping malls and leisure centres. To this day we retain a contract fixing division.

In the early 1990's, Jim held a successful public sale to clear tiles left over from his contract jobs.
Recognising an opportunity, he launched The Ceramic Tile Clearance Warehouse, a cash and carry retail business proclaiming "We pile 'em high and sell 'em low" as the first factory direct containers of tiles from Spain, and Italy rolled into the yard.

Success bred a new professionalism and the business re-launched as The Ceramic Tile Warehouse with new colours, logo and now proclaiming "Where inspiration comes in boxes"

Today the company is proud to be Scotland's largest independent tile retailer.

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